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 Terms and Conditions

Your Federal Employee ID, Individual Taxpayer ID, or Social Security Number is requested for the Office of Tax and Revenue, for the purposes of collecting sales tax from your customers.  


It is the policy of Upshur Craft Fair to protect the confidentiality of its vendors’ and applicants' Social Security numbers (SSNs) obtained and used in the course of business. All Celebrate Petworth executives, managers and employees are expected to adhere to this policy. Any employee violating the provisions of this policy will be disciplined in accordance with organization rules.


Collection of SSNs

SSNs will be collected from vendors and applicants as required by the District of Columbia’s Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) to meet state reporting requirements. These purposes include:

  • If you sell items, or perform certain services such as auto repairs, pool cleaning, or lawn care, you must collect sales tax from your customers.

SSNs may also be collected from vendors where no tax identification or employer identification number is accessible. SSNs so obtained will be subject to the same provisions of the privacy policy as those for applicants and employees.

Use of SSNs

Except for verification and reporting uses to District of Columbia’s OTR for the above-referenced reason, no SSN or portion of an SSN will be used in the conduct of Upshur Craft Fair business. In addition:

  • No SSN or portion of an SSN will be permitted to be used for identification badges, parking permits, computer passwords, organization account records, licenses, agreements or contracts.

  • No SSN or portion of an SSN will be used in open computer transmissions or organization’s distributions except where such transmission of information is by secure connection or is encrypted.

Storage of SSNs

All documents containing SSNs should be stored in locked, secured areas. All computer applications containing SSNs should be maintained on secured, authorized-access computer stations only.

Access to SSNs

Only persons who have a legitimate business reason will have access to SSNs. Such access will be granted through the organizer responsible for functions with reporting or transporting of such data responsibilities.Upshur Craft Fair employees granted such access must take all necessary precautions to ensure the integrity of records that include such numbers when the records are not being used.

Destruction of SSNs

Records that include SSNs will be maintained in accordance with federal and state law. When such documents are released for destruction, the records will be destroyed by shredding.

State Laws

If this policy, or any part thereof, conflicts with a state law in any state in which the company operates, the state law should supersede this policy, or the relevant portion thereof.

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